SSENSE Search Reimagined
2023, Interface Design 
This project aims to reimagine and create a multi-model search experience for SSENSE, an online fashion platform featuring products from luxury, streetwear, and avant-garde labels. 

The current system's reliance on text-only input and limited filtering options hinders creative exploration and personalization in fashion. Through a redesigned search interface, SSENSE seeks to empower users, allowing them to curate personalized results and discover inspiration in unconventional ways. 

The goal is to revamp SSENSE's search functionality, offering diverse input options for a more personalized and creatively enriched fashion exploration. The overarching research question focuses on how the revamped search interface can enhance the user experience and foster a deeper connection with fashion through innovative exploration methods.

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 Personal Stylist Functioning as a personal style guide and audio search tool, the voice chat feature offers personalized recommendations tailored to users' preferences.

Image SearchThe feature enables one to capture or upload images of clothes and outfits of their likings, generating related results based on color, materials, and style.

Moodboard Search Upload curated images from moodboard platforms like ARE.NA and Pinterest, subsequently generating related results based on the user's selections.

Surprise MeSpin the wheel for product discovery, adding an element of intrigue to selecting clothes and exploring new brands within SSENSE's extensive inventory.
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